Company Overview

Sacramento State is a vibrant metropolitan university that is among the largest campuses in the California State University system. We enroll a multicultural student body of 30,000, and graduate about 6,000 students each year. Despite our size, quality teaching in small classes remains a top priority. Students enjoy personalized attention from their professors, as well as extensive research and internship opportunities in Sacramento, the heart of California government.

Sacramento is one of the most diverse and integrated major cities in the country and Sacramento State is committed to providing a quality education for all of our region's students. Our campus community represents the broad diversity of our state, and we believe that all are enriched and unified by this diversity. Sacramento State is especially interested in candidates who can contribute, through their teaching, research, and service, to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.

Why CSU Sacramento?

Working for CSU
Sacramento State, affectionately called Sac State, is an outstanding comprehensive university within the 23 campus California State University system. Classrooms, labs, offices, and other facilities are nestled in a 3,500-tree urban forest alongside the American River. Sacramento is the state capital of California and is one of the most diverse cities in the nation.

Sacramento, the Capital of California
Sacramento is considered one of the most ethnically diverse and livable cities in the country, with a population of 480,000. More than 1.4 million people live in Sacramento county. The region's mild Mediterranean climate produces hot summer days and cool nighttime Delta breezes. Winters are chilly and sometimes cloaked in the Central Valley's famed tule fog. There's always something to do in Sacramento!

Diversity and Inclusion
Sacramento State is dedicated to access, academic excellence, and inclusion. Diversity among our students and employees enriches intellectual discussion inside and outside the classroom, promotes understanding across differences, and better enables the University community to respond to the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce and society. Sacramento State is committed to fostering in all its members a sense of inclusiveness by providing equal access to educational opportunities and a welcoming environment. We embrace each other’s strengths and differences through building campus unity. Sacramento’s exceptional cultural, artistic, and leisure opportunities help to enrich the city’s quality of life, contributing to a vibrant metropolitan region.

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